A downloadable game for Windows

Some text that explains how great but incomplete the game is. Imagine some text so compelling that it will stop you from purchasing that $60 AAA title that has 4 different versions that increase it's price tag to upwards of $120 and those sexy DLC/Season Passes. Can't make a game in 2017 without some Season Pass that make you regret your life choices that have lead up to this point. 

Here you would find some long paragraph that tries to explain the story and get you to care more about the game and make you forget that you're really just a spinning square destroying other bits of floating gameobjects with data stored in them about their movement speed, health and such.

And now for some credits.  I give all credit to my College/University, they helped me learn that school is a load of hot garbage that got me into massive debt instead of just logging onto Udemy and purchasing dope courses like Machine Learning and Web Developer Bootcamp for like only $15 each. Like what the hell, only $15 for a course that costed me over $10k+ at a university to take? Whatever tho. Unity is sick, better than Unreal. Suck that Alex

Also thanks to Eric Benaim for making the great song you hear during the actual level. The first song I grabbed it from Epidemic Sound but I'm gonna replace that in a little while.

Atm I'm working on some sick boss fights and restructuring how the gameplays to make everything faster and more intense.


New_Jam.zip 85 MB


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Unity vs Unreal, you have won this battle as the Unity Champion lol!