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Elsie in the Sky is an Action, Platformer with procedurally generated and authored levels where a young android girl is on a quest to find her origin. She must conquer giant fortresses that soar through the skies and bring down these war machines.

This game was made under 5 weeks and we plan on further developing and completing this as our first game. If you find any issues or bugs, please report them, everything helps with trying to make a fun game!

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Controls for the game

- Left joystick or Dpad to move

- A to jump

- B to dash

- X to shoot

Development Roadmap

  • Improve weapon system
    • Changing it from randomly assigning a weapon to the player to a create your own weapon as you play type of system.
  • Fix bugs with the physics engine
  • Add more room variety to the level
  • Add more enemy AI
  • Finish the first boss fight
  • Add a tutorial
  • Add more settings to tweak the game experience
  • Add UI art and improve the UX
  • etc

Install instructions

If downloading from web, uncompress the .zip and run Elsie.exe

If downloading from itch.io app, install the game and launch

Have Fun and report any bugs, issues or leave us feedback!


Elsie.zip (66 MB)


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Very nice graphics! Looking forward to future versions! Needs keyboard controls for larger player base though.